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Game April 2011 recently finished
The March 2010 game statistics are up!, the complete message board too. I have also hurriedly set up a new forum, so you can continue the banter.

What is Chom Isis?

A few examples of screens in Chom Isis Chom Isis is a game played through the browser. You control the lives of innocent people, trying to keep them as happy as possible, while at the same time ruining the lives of the pawns controlled by other players.

To win, you must lie and scheme to keep your pawns alive. Form alliances with friends, gather intelligence and save up to murder the enemy's pawns. Before they murder yours. There is only one winner and sometimes, there isn't even one of those.

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When can I play?

A Chom Isis game has a distinct start and finish. Before a game starts, the players are gathered. You register and wait for the game to begin. Chom Isis is not accepting registrations at the moment. If you would like to play in the next game, please send us an email.

Previous game results

Chom Isis 3

July 2009 (Beta) | March 2010 (v3.2)

Chom Isis 2

2002.1 | 2002.2 | 2004.1 | 2005.1

Chom Isis 1

Three games on 1 page

Chom Isis 2 and Chom Isis 1

Work started on Chom Isis 1 in the spring of 1999, the idea was originally thought of by Rob for the Icar, the free Science Fiction RPG. On a typical post-nightclub Monday conversation, Rob discussed with Peter Ganderton whether it would be a good idea to actually play this online. The next morning, he started programming.

It took four months (on and off) to get the Beta test of the first version to come into existence. Written in Perl, it was buggy as hell but it seemed that the general concept was right. The Beta test included a core of players who gave their time and ideas into the game. A few games followed with more players, but it was obvious that there were areas that needed real attention. The author decided that it was time to start again, on a much more complicated and improved Chom Isis Two.

The core players came out of the woodwork once again, offering ideas and thoughts on how the game could be improved. It was in April 2001 that work begun on Chom Isis Two. Just about all of the game engine was re-written, improving the manner in which the game was played and removing big problems (such as buying pawns) that were evident in the games of Chom Isis 1.

The first Beta of Chom Isis Two started in January 2002, after 8 months of coding the first Chom Isis 2 Beta was played in January 2002. It was vastly superior to the original and shared only the core concept. Chom Isis 2 was written in Perl and used text files to store data. As such, high tech features became more difficult to write.

Chom Isis 3 began coding on 23rd of May 2004. A quantum leap forward - its own domain, coded in Object Oriented PHP with a mySQL database. Its stop-start development finished five years later, when Version 3.0 was run in Alpha with the same players who first played Chom Isis 1. Not without its problems, it was updated a number of times during Beta games. The engine is much more complicated but the core concepts have not changed.

Not to be trusted

There are some players who have played a little too much Chom Isis and for that, I owe them my special thanks. Also, I should warn you DO NOT TRUST THESE PEOPLE:
Simon 'Fish' Aubury, Peter Ganderton, Gideon 'Dwain' Moss, Matt 'Evil Matt' Warriner, James 'Baron' Neesom, Andrew 'Byrnie' O'Byrne, Matt Wallace