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So the next game will still be Chom 1. If Liquid Cool hadn't screwed me over I wouldn't have bothered playing - the way the games run means I can almost never buy any new pawns before someone else gets them - they are always added during my working hours and Rob knows this).
However, Liquid Cool has now given me a reason to play - Revenge.
If you think I was murderous in this game, wait till I target all my attention on one individual!
It won't matter if Liquid Cool is too much of a coward to admit his identity, I'll work out who he is through a process of elimination. There will be no escape....
From Alvin Gatachalian at 13:38 on 6/11/101.

This is quite frightening, Alvin has been a bloody murderous sod from the word 'go'. Hate to imagine what he'll be like in the next game.

If you want to remain anonymous for the sake of future games, then let me know by either Chom or email and I will keep your name hidden when the final results page is created. If I get no notification by the time the game finishes, you're out of luck and I shall add your name to the list.

The next game is not ready yet (and will use the Chom 1 engine still as Chom 2 is a bit tetchy and incomplete) but I shall put a call to players out over the email.

Oh, by the way, you will not be able to log on after Wednesday.
From Admin Player at 23:23 on 6/10/101.

The comedy option that Liquid Cool gave me was as follows:
I had to sell him one pawn or he would kill both. If I had sold him a pawn, he would have just killed the other one, leaving himself the only player with a pawn (at the time I didn't have enough for a kill so I wouldn't have been able to kill his last pawn before the end of the game). Would any of you honestly go for a deal like that?
Nope, didn't think so!

I see nothing wrong in dealing like for like. If a player is going to take a victory away from me (even though it doesn't benefit them) then I see no reason why I shouldn't do the same to them in the future.

I look forward to the next game with much bloodlust. I'll be back and I'll be a bloody animal!!!!!
From Alvin Gatachalian at 12:49 on 6/10/101.

Hey, its only a game. I could have arranged so that moonsoon wins. I also gave you the option to share the win with me. I have been eliminated several weeks ago, with tons of resources left, thus I thought to my self:
why should I give my resources to someone else ?

By all means call me a bad loser, but if you are willing to continue on for your everlasting vendetta (which I do not refuse by any chance), then you will
be a bad diplomat. If I would had to choose I'd go for the former :->

Cant wait for chom 2...
From Liquid Cool at 21:08 on 6/09/101.

Everyone loves a bad loser! Oh, hang on, no they don't!
Liquid Cool, I'm going to find out who you are and then make it my business to thrash you into oblivion in every chom game Rob ever runs. It will be my sole reason for playing. You have made a BIG mistake. You are NEVER going to win a chom game as long as I'm playing.
Have a nice day MF!
From Alvin Gatachalian at 13:22 on 6/09/101.

one frag left
From Liquid Cool at 13:03 on 6/08/101.

Whoever killed Nobel, thanks but I'd rather have done it myself. I would probably have won anyway and now it feels like my victory wasn't worth much. Cheers.
Rob, may I make a suggestion for Chom2. When players have no pawns and there are none left, freeze them out of the game so they can't screw it up for the surviving players.
From Alvin Gatachalian at 18:10 on 6/06/101.

Important Game End:
Noon, Monday 11th June 2001

If you have no pawns by this date, you have lost. You may only win if you have pawns, regardless of the number of resources you have. If no-one has any pawns by the end of the game, then there are no winners. This message is to stave of future arguments.
From Admin Player at 12:56 on 6/06/101.

Unless I get extraordinarily lucky in the next day, I'm bowing out of the game Saturday morning. It doesn't matter how close I get, pawns seem to keep being added, and I can't be online enough to get them (I also don't have Byrnie's Pawn notifier program to help me).
Since it's impossible for me to win, no matter what I do, I've decided there's no point playing any more (it's not much fun when you know there's no hope of winning). I'll negotiate with any current players as to who gets my remaining resouces and who I sell my pawn(s?) to.
Good luck to the remaining players.
From Alvin Gatachalian at 18:40 on 5/31/101.

In Competition to Liquid
Money for Buster Gonad is Money well spent. My policies include blackmail, murder, garrottings and arsenic for all children. Don't waste your money...give it to meeeeee!!!!!

From Buster Gonad at 17:50 on 5/31/101.

resources sent to my account though would be gladly accepted. thus all of you who have been forbidden to send
credits to monsoon or alvin are welcome
to redirect them to me.

the game is just about as much about diplomacy and propaganda as favouritism. and i have no ethical regrets for accepting some one elses stuff.

From Liquid Cool at 12:51 on 5/31/101.

Please can none of you donate any resources to either myself or monsoon. I've thought about it and I want the game to be won fairly.
Please don't make the whole thing pointless by making the game about favoritism.
From Alvin Gatachalian at 18:41 on 5/29/101.

Dog eat dog,
Every day,
On our fellow man we prey,
Dog eat dog,
To get by,
Hope you like my genocide.

Genocide - Smash - The Offspring
From Anonymous at 00:09 on 5/22/101.

From tomorrow onwards there are only four more pawns. After this, no more pawns will be added.

From Admin Player at 12:11 on 5/18/101.

When you attend a funeral,
It is sad to think that sooner or L-
ater those you love will do the same for you.
And you may have thought it tragic,
not to mention other adjec-
tives to think of all the weeping they will do,
but don't you worry.

No more ashes, no more sackcloth,
and an armband made of black cloth,
will someday nevermore adorn a sleeve.

For if the bomb that drops on you
gets your friends and neighbours too,
there will be nobody left behind to grieve.

And we will all go together when we go,
What a comforting fact that is to know,
Universal berevement:
an inspiring achievement.
Yes we all will go together when we go.
From Anonymous at 20:42 on 5/17/101.

well if u wanna now my opinion....cheatin bastardeo!!!!
From Anonymous at 15:17 on 5/15/101.

My program is now capable of automatically SMS-ing my phone between 6 minutes and 40 seconds of a new pawn being added. I am not currently using this feature. I need to know people's reactions to this before starting to use it.

From Anonymous at 17:09 on 5/14/101.

All for one, and one for all!!

From Anonymous at 18:07 on 5/12/101.

We are the three, the Unholy Trinity. You will all bow down before us. We are unbeatable. We are forever.
From Anonymous at 18:05 on 5/12/101.

Public announcement: I am now using a program to help me with chom. More details on the Webboard under "Chom Assistant"

From Anonymous at 10:25 on 5/11/101.

As of this afternoon, all pawns will accrue less resources. This is to allow the game to lenthen somewhat so that I can get Chom 2 working. All pawn pricing will remain the same. This is unilateral, I'm effectively screwing you all equally with this.
From Admin Player at 15:14 on 5/10/101.

Im afraid hopper is not going to hopping for much longer.Watch out my son,you may hit the floor sooner than you think.
From Anonymous at 20:24 on 5/08/101.

Whitcomb L. Judson, you will die tonight. May whatever god you believe in have mercy on your soul...
From Anonymous at 14:31 on 5/07/101.

That fucking useless fool, Monsoon, has failed to keep back enough money to buy the pawn. I am now not interested in his offers. Anyone now can get it, write me a poem using my player name and the best one will get the pawn for free (I'll sell it for 1 resource. I understand I can do this). So, get your thinking caps on.
The Doctor of Slinkyness
From Doctor Slinky at 23:53 on 5/05/101.

I give up. I'm in too weak a position to survive going to America so I've spent all my resources in killing off Byrnie's pawns. Byrnie/Monsoon is trying very hard to win and if you have any dealings with him then he is double crossing you.

If you are interested I believe him remaining pawns to be Grace Hopper and Tuevo Kohonen.

No hard feelings Byrnie

From Zebedee at 14:25 on 5/05/101.

Galileo galilei is goin down, big style!!
From Anonymous at 18:58 on 5/03/101.

Doctor Slinky asked me to say that he is sort of leaving the game (becoming passive only) and that he does want to sell his pawn. I know you lot are suspicious, he does want to sell his pawn.
From Admin Player at 15:00 on 5/01/101.

Just in case you were wondering, I think the intelligence half of the intelligence page is snafu (broken). Sorry about this, I don't think many people used it anyway! The sent messages seems to be ok though. I will not fix it. Sorry about that.
From Admin Player at 14:50 on 5/01/101.

I want to sell my pawn as I am sort of leaving the game a bit. It will go to the highest bidder. The pawn is Christian Huygens. Twiglet man dropped hints that he wasn't gunna stick too many pawns on so you better get in quick.

All offer accepted. And no, I'm not going to tell you who I am.
From Doctor Slinky at 14:37 on 5/01/101.

James Hargreaves will self-destruct in 5 seconds
James Hargreaves will self-destruct in 4 seconds
James Hargreaves will self-destruct in 3 seconds
James Hargreaves will self-destruct in 2 seconds
James Hargreaves will self-destruct in 1 second
From Anonymous at 13:00 on 4/30/101.

jim show yourself!!
From Hairy Bat Monkey at 12:43 on 4/30/101.

I hope that was taking the piss for 5 reasons:

1. You didn't even have the guts to write who you were, so you put you message as anonymous.
2. The amount of resources required for any one person to win at this moment is 5000. You had 5000 resources? No, I think not.
3. I have put a message on the forum complaining about people like you. Do you want Chom 2 to be finished or not?
4. The pawns are being added on average 1 a day. How is this a ridiculous rate? Have you actually been paying attention.
5. Although you've put 'Anonymous', Chom Logs everything for my benefit so I know exactly who you fucking well are.

So, for all the other players, trying to work out who that was: It was a new player who didn't know that I logged everything. It was someone near the top of the board. It was someone who whinges a lot. Go figure.

Any other complaints, please address them straight to me by email.
From Admin Player at 11:28 on 4/27/101.

Before I just about had enough resources to kill off everyone else and pretty much secure my leadership. Now I have lost ~75% (?) of my resources and new pawns are being added at a ridiculous rate. How are we supposed to win if there isnt the slightest chance of elminiating other players ?
IT WAS NOT FAIR to rob that much resources...

From Anonymous at 10:42 on 4/27/101.

Launch every 'Zig

From Anonymous at 14:20 on 4/26/101.

Someone set us up the bomb!
From Anonymous at 12:57 on 4/26/101.

Well, I think that was a possitive test. Except that it killed off skynet. Nevermind. It seems to have chosen the most painful of all irritants, the 'reduce people's resources' one. Ha ha. The more you had, the more you stood to loose. HAHA! I have had to disengage it until I can work out why it did over Skynet.

I bet you're all looking forward to Chom 2. I am.

From Admin Player at 10:53 on 4/26/101.

In a weird 'using a living host to test a new virus' experiment. I have engaged the chom-world random event manager on Chom 1. If you think you've been done over unfairly, check Skynet as all world events automatically get added to there! I have a feeling the random World updater is about to have a fucking field day!
From Admin Player at 10:44 on 4/26/101.

Zebedee aka Fish's

Has managed to kill all my pawns here i the list of his pawns current and present. Have fun.

James Gregory
Louis Waterman
Henry Ford
Jean Foucault

I beleive that he also has another maybe 2 more. Within the last 2 days he's managed to buy a few more pawns and I havent bother to keep up.

Kill them all or he will win.

From Malkavian at 10:37 on 4/26/101.

Pete makes another one of his obvious spelling mistakes in a message...
From Anonymous at 17:18 on 4/25/101.

Oi, I'm Gareth. Sotp pretending to be me.
From Anonymous at 16:04 on 4/25/101.

"If you're you and he's you, and you're him and he's him, am I still me? If not, who's eating this chicken? what the hell is going on?"

From Anonymous at 15:45 on 4/25/101.

Do I know who gareth is? Probably not.
From Doctor Slinky at 15:34 on 4/25/101.

For those of you that have been living in a cave while playing Chom Isis, you will not have heard that Chom Isis 2 is being written for all your murderous joys. There will be a whole host of new things to do, all in a very neat package.

If you have any ideas, please do not post them to this board but to the icar web board. If you have already given me ideas, chances are I have put them in.

So, thinking caps on and you can make a difference to the next version. Things you like, things you hate... etc etc.
From Admin Player at 14:44 on 4/23/101.

We should give all the surviving pawns little badges saying
"I'm a lucky bugger to be here!!"

OK, maybe not

From Anonymous at 12:13 on 4/19/101.

You can not really blame Skynet, after all they are reporting on the biggest carnage this game has ever seen. I think this could even be described as an 'epidemic'.

And, yes, I know it is all my fault for giving you all too many resources at the start. Fool. I know. I know. Let the carnage continue!
From Admin Player at 11:23 on 4/19/101.

I suspect Skynet of reusing the same story for the last 4 news items...can they not afford the staff?

From Anonymous at 14:29 on 4/18/101.

You fucking Murderous Bastard!!!

And over easter you cunts!!
From Anonymous at 08:59 on 4/17/101.

err....I'm not

I can change if it makes things easier though
From Anonymous at 12:04 on 4/12/101.

I used to be Gareth...
From Anonymous at 11:27 on 4/12/101.

I hope I have sorted the problem! All seems to be well and from my calculations the people who could not see the company names of their pawns did not loose out on the overnight update.
From Admin Player at 10:01 on 4/12/101.

No, I am Gareth!!
From Anonymous at 02:02 on 4/12/101.

From Anonymous at 02:02 on 4/12/101.

Some of you are having trouble with the corps your pawns are affiliated with. Don't worry, I can see what is going on and will sort it out tomorrow morning.
From Admin Player at 23:25 on 4/11/101.

Gee Gareth maybe you could call me or email me. Or pop over to my house and chat. Or use Yahoo messanger. I can't really think of anyother way you could contact me but I'm sure someone else might help you.

From Anonymous at 23:03 on 4/11/101.

I'm a much better person to ally to

Trust me
From Anonymous at 19:52 on 4/11/101.

Gareth go into alliance with me!!
From Anonymous at 17:46 on 4/11/101.

OK then

How do I contact you?

From Anonymous at 17:14 on 4/11/101.

Gareth do you want to come second again if so I'm offering you an alliance.

From Anonymous at 14:43 on 4/11/101.

I just can not win! It seems that you all got updated immediately and suddenly all had loads of resources. Bugger. This was not supposed to happen. Therefore, I have said bollocks to it and let it run. You all have loads of resources to play with.

Arse, Arse, Arse.
From Admin Player at 12:10 on 4/11/101.