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Results 2002.1
Welcome to the results for the first proper Chom Isis Two game (called 2002.1). The results come in two forms. First is the actual winner, then winners of particular awards. The comes a load of game Stat Information that you might be interested in.
The winner
:: Overall Winner ::
The overall winner is:

Simon - Fish - Aubury

Finsihing the game with 100% of the power, 9 pawns, 467 resources.

There is no second place.

:: Secondary Awards ::
AwardPlayerReal NameInfo
First Person to LoginL Peter Ganderton
Most Active PlayerCheese Farmer Gideon - Dwain - Moss 2581 (14%)
Most Mail SentBrian Boitano James - Baron - Neesom 133 (23%)
Most Times Mail CheckedMr J Dredd Steve - Judge - Lawrence 834 (20%)
Most Mail Nervous PlayerMr J Dredd Steve - Judge - Lawrence 752
Most Jobs SetBald Man Sonetti Simon - Fish - Aubury 617 (37%)
Most Jobs FailedThe Ingenious Mikado Matt Wallace 10 (20%)
Most Job Risky PlayerJohn Q (Evil) Matt Warriner 12%
Most Pawns BoughtBald Man Sonetti Simon - Fish - Aubury 23 (37%)
Most Evil PlayerBald Man Sonetti Simon - Fish - Aubury 75 (28%)
Most Brutal PlayerThe Ingenious Mikado Matt Wallace 40 (22%)
Most Hate Ridden PlayerThe Ingenious Mikado Matt Wallace 45%
Statistical Information
This stat table is listed purely by number of actions and does not represent any kind of 'winner'. Doing a lot of actions does not make you a good player.

1Cheese Farmer (Gideon - Dwain - Moss )258115627235282102513
2Mr J Dredd (Steve - Judge - Lawrence )223882834206361753129
3Bald Man Sonetti (Simon - Fish - Aubury )2151633306175235427540
4The Ingenious Mikado (Matt Wallace )1674522238710355240
5L (Peter Ganderton )167140376864572149
6Brian Boitano (James - Baron - Neesom )134913336467245899
7Sigporssen (Chris Simpson )9792317267226253
8John Q ((Evil) Matt Warriner )929172423952381
9Kiss My Arse (Justin Gan )902482559571692624
10Cheese Burger Man (Steve - Fatso - Wyman )7801624539333272
11Tragic Demise (Gareth - Baldrick - Jones )512151113322312
12D. Knoll (Chris - Scunty - Campbell )435421242816123
13Hyperion (Andrew - Byrnie - O'Byrne )291147136353332
14Doris (Mark Gasson )451755
15Jaxon (Owen Gregory )401
A for number of actions. MS for mail sent. MC for mail checked. JS for number of jobs set.
JF for number of Jobs Failed. PB is number of pawns bought. GJ for the number of Good Jobs set.
BJ for the number of bad jobs set.XJ for the number of Brutal jobs set (Murder, Disruption or Kill Spouse).
Non-Player Related Stat Information
Busiest Day790 Actions, March 27
Number of days the game ran76
Number of Players15
Busiest DayMarch 27 (790 Actions)
Total Pawns in game104
Pawns Remaining9
Pawns Killed95
Most Cash at End of Game:3373 Cheese Farmer (Gideon - Dwain - Moss)
Most Money Spent on a Pawn1100, Ransom Olds owned by: L, Peter Ganderton. Pawn Suicided.
Death By Wombles AllianceHyperion, John Q, L, Sigporssen, Doris, D. Knoll. Cash at end: 1830
The Coalition Brian Boitano, Mr J Dredd, Kiss My Arse. Cash at end: 120
The Womble Annihilation Terrorists Bald Man Sonetti, Cheese Farmer, The Ingenious Mikado, Tragic Demise, Cheese Burger Man. Cash at end: 1210
Most Convincing Suicide (or Pawn to be disrupted to fuck!)
Richard M. Hollingshead Cheese Farmer (Gideon - Dwain - Moss) Well OffSuicidalSuicidalSuicidalSuicidalEndervold DitrisAcerine Machines Helena ChristensenNo Hobby
44DesignerEnagaged No Hobby
Most Happy Pawn to be Murdered
George H. Babcock Mr J Dredd (Steve - Judge - Lawrence) RichJoyfulJoyfulJoyfulJoyfulEndervold CentralAcerine Machines Laura DernWanking
33 ManagerMadly In LoveInitiate