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Results 2002.2
Welcome to the results for the second Chom Isis Two game (called 2002.2). The results come in two forms. First is the actual winner, then winners of particular awards. The comes a load of game Stat Information that you might be interested in.
The winner
:: Overall Winner ::
The overall winner is:

Chris Simpson

Finishing the game with 100% of the power, 3 pawns, 0 resources.

There is no second place.

:: Secondary Awards ::
AwardPlayerReal NameInfo
First Person to LoginJames George Gideon - Dwain - Moss
Most Active PlayerSlightly Tepid Errol - Justin Gan - Flynn 2741 (19%)
Most Mail SentSlightly Tepid Errol - Justin Gan - Flynn 127 (46%)
Most Times Mail CheckedSlightly Tepid Errol - Justin Gan - Flynn 845 (29%)
Most Mail Nervous PlayerSlightly Tepid Errol - Justin Gan - Flynn 718
Most Jobs SetJames George Gideon - Dwain - Moss 180 (18%)
Most Jobs FailedInistreth Peter - 'Blonde' - Ganderton 12 (33%)
Most Job Risky PlayerDeity Matt Wallace 11%
Most Pawns BoughtJames George Gideon - Dwain - Moss 20 (22%)
Most Evil PlayerSlightly Tepid Errol - Justin Gan - Flynn 35 (29%)
Most Brutal PlayerSlightly Tepid Errol - Justin Gan - Flynn 23 (30%)
Most Hate Ridden PlayerShotgun Billy Chris Simpson 16%
Statistical Information
This stat table is listed purely by number of actions and does not represent any kind of 'winner'. Doing a lot of actions does not make you a good player.

1Slightly Tepid (Errol - Justin Gan - Flynn )2741127845174481393523
2Inistreth (Peter - 'Blonde' - Ganderton )2011714221281212112169
3Hiro Protagonist (Matt - Evil Matt - Warriner )16643288822571117
4James George (Gideon - Dwain - Moss )130073311802201621812
5Shotgun Billy (Chris Simpson )126115122552345109
6Glove Death (Andrew - Byrnie - O'Byrne )99825243135314122139
7Deity (Matt Wallace )756717251634655
8Samael (Garrett Jackson )4656563142741
9Randy Savage (Steve - Judge - Lawrence )3877134372337
10Nebula (James - Baron - Neesom )3312832332211
11Rebel without a Point (Gareth - Baldrick - Jones )279551277261
12Lynchpin (Steve - Fatso - Wyman )2651851723152
13Big Mouth (Christopher - Chris - Schwand )2570394912463
A for number of actions. MS for mail sent. MC for mail checked. JS for number of jobs set.
JF for number of Jobs Failed. PB is number of pawns bought. GJ for the number of Good Jobs set.
BJ for the number of bad jobs set.XJ for the number of Brutal jobs set (Murder, Disruption or Kill Spouse).
Non-Player Related Stat Information
Busiest Day491 Actions, August 9
Number of days the game ran62
Number of Players13
Total Pawns in game65
Pawns Remaining3
Pawns Killed62
Most Cash at End of Game:1552 James George (Gideon - Dwain - Moss)
Most Money Spent on a Pawn1440, Andrew Rowe owned by: Hiro Protagonist, Matt - Evil Matt - Warriner. Pawn Murdered.
Somthing RandomShotgun Billy, Glove Death, Hiro Protagonist, Deity and Inistreth. Cash at end: 0
Mind the GapRebel without a Point, Lynchpin and James George. Cash at end: 900
Josch Dod BoneSlightly Tepid, Nebula and Randy Savage. Cash at end: 120
Most Convincing Suicide (or Pawn to be disrupted to fuck!)
Hugh Bayley Inistreth (Peter - 'Blonde' - Ganderton) Very PoorSuicidalSuicidalMelancholySuicidalIdervold SeaAce Gaia Worlds Jordana BrewsterNo Hobby
13 Junior DesignerSerious Relationship No Hobby
Most Happy Pawn to be Murdered
Teresa Gorman Glove Death (Andrew - Byrnie - O'Byrne ) RichJoyfulJoyfulJoyfulJoyfulPrime EdgeAce Gaia Worlds Halle BerryGaia Construction
14 PartnerMadly In LoveProfessional