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Results 2004.1
Welcome to the results for the second Chom Isis Two game (called 2004.1). The results come in two forms. First is the actual winner, then winners of particular awards. The comes a load of game Stat Information that you might be interested in. Included first time for this game are some graphs showing how the power balance changed over time. Also, I am looking for stories from the Chom.
The winner
:: Overall Winner ::
The overall winner is:

Matt Warriner

Finishing the game with 100% of the power, 3 pawns, 427 resources.

There is no second place.

:: Secondary Awards ::
AwardPlayerReal NameInfo
First Person to LoginSammy -The Foot- Simon - Fish - Aubury
Most Active PlayerTim Vale Evil Matt Warriner 2265 (15%)
Most Mail Sent7777 Andrew - Byrnie - O'Byrne 65 (18%)
Most Times Mail Checked7777 Andrew - Byrnie - O'Byrne 694 (23%)
Most Mail Nervous Player7777 Andrew - Byrnie - O'Byrne 629
Most Jobs Set7777 Andrew - Byrnie - O'Byrne 135 (16%)
Most Jobs FailedThe Mad Hatter Steve - Fuck Knuckle - Wyman 7 (17%)
Most Job Risky PlayerThe Mad Hatter Steve - Fuck Knuckle - Wyman 15%
Most Pawns Auctioned ForNeuromancer Gideon - Dwain - Moss 9 (20%)
Most Evil Player7777 Andrew - Byrnie - O'Byrne 44 (29%)
Most Brutal Player7777 Andrew - Byrnie - O'Byrne 38 (35%)
Most Hate Ridden PlayerTim Vale Evil Matt Warriner 29%
Statistical Information
This stat table is listed purely by number of actions and does not represent any kind of 'winner'. Doing a lot of actions does not make you a good player.

1Tim Vale (Evil Matt Warriner )226524291794522723
27777 (Andrew - Byrnie - O'Byrne )20276569413546914438
3 (Peter - Blonde - Ganderton )17153239043313855
4Deerhunter (Chris - Skunty - Campbell )1628512928263562614
5Odeous Podium (Duncan - Jimmy - Edwards )1267603727872601810
6Neuromancer (Gideon - Dwain - Moss )998112235995633
7Ermintrude (James - Baron - Neesom )7674311858435087
8The Mad Hatter (Steve - Fuck Knuckle - Wyman )691820844733772
9Sammy -The Foot- (Simon - Fish - Aubury )594992736712
10Catch 22 (Chris - Nibbler - Simpson )581105557125522
11Zippy (Gareth - Baldrick - Jones )369248110110
12Branz (Travis - T-Boy - Rodgers )358137947314341
13Errol (Les )23534920221821
14[cube] (Michio Takagi )123322172117
A for number of actions. MS for mail sent. MC for mail checked. JS for number of jobs set.
JF for number of Jobs Failed. PB is number of pawns bought. GJ for the number of Good Jobs set.
BJ for the number of bad jobs set.XJ for the number of Brutal jobs set (Murder, Disruption or Kill Spouse).
Non-Player Related Stat Information
Busiest Day491 Actions, August 9
Number of days the game ran38
Number of Players14
Total Pawns in game48
Pawns Remaining3
Pawns Killed45
Most Cash at End of Game:Tim Vale - Evil Matt Warriner: 427
Most Money Spent on a Pawn700, Guy Fawkes owned by: Fish. Pawn Suicided.
Most Amount of Money to be got from alliance:6814, The Compliance and Defiance Alliance by 7777 (Andrew - Byrnie - O'Byrne )
Pete's Cash Fund:3798
Most Convincing Suicide (or Pawn to be disrupted to fuck!)
Alfred the Great
Duncan - Jimmy - Edward RichSuicidalSuicidalSuicidalSuicidalEndervold CentralAcerine Machines Laetitia CastaGambling
Most Happy Pawn to be Murdered
Aleister Crowley
Chris - Skunty - Campbell RichJoyfulJoyfulBlitheHappyEndervold Magnus EastAce Gaia Worlds Mary WhitehouseGaia Construction
Graphical Stats
New for this game! Picture statistics!
NB: Due to some hiddeous and unseen error, Baron's stats were not included in the system that these stats were recorded from. My apologies for this.
NB2:Peter Ganderton's Smiley wasn't liked by Excel and has appeared as a '?'.

Graphical Stats
This section includes a number of items that I have collected from people during the game.
From Pete's Alliance:
Tim Vale Game Value 2138
7777 Game Value 2018
Overall Game Value 4156

Total Pawn Happiness 45
1) Alexander Fleming 6
2) Douglas Bader 8
3) Leonard Cheshire 9
4) William Blake 7
5) Michael Crawford 9
6) Freddie Mercury 6 (owned by Tim Vale)

Each level of pawn happiness is worth 92 Game Value. No money held by players.

Tim Vale (2138/92 = 23)
7777 (2018/92 = 22)

Tim Vale owns weak player, so must have an 8 and 9 as well (so owns Douglas Bader). 7777 must own the other two non-9 pawns (so owns Alexander Fleming and William Blake). Leonard Cheshire and Michael Crawford could be owned by either.

This is mainly for Rob to point out the horrendous errors in my maths after the game is over as the pawn happiness is not entirely linear.