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Results 2005.1
Welcome to the results for the first Chom Isis Two game of 2005 (called 2005.1). The results come in two forms. First is the actual winner, then winners of particular awards. The comes a load of game Stat Information that you might be interested in. Included first time for this game are some graphs showing how the power balance changed over time. Also, I am looking for stories from the Chom. This was perhaps the closest game yet, the winner only really being decided in the final strokes of the game.
The winner
:: Overall Winner ::
The overall winner is:

Chris Simpson

Finishing the game with 100% of the power, 1 pawns, 492 resources.

There is no second place. First place was actually decided on a game of Table Football (Foosball). The score was 10-8 to Chris.
This is the last time a gentleman's agreement will be allowed to decide the game.

:: Secondary Awards ::
AwardPlayerReal NameInfo
First Person to LoginRainbow Butt Monkey Darren - Crazy Mofo Goodger
Most Active PlayerPete Peter - Blonde - Ganderton 2906 (14%)
Most Mail SentPete Peter - Blonde - Ganderton 82 (27%)
Most Times Mail CheckedSimon Andrew - Byrnie - O'Byrne 577 (18%)
Most Mail Nervous PlayerSimon Andrew - Byrnie - O'Byrne 523
Most Jobs SetPete Peter - Blonde - Ganderton 186 (16%)
Most Jobs FailedPete Peter - Blonde - Ganderton 9 (23%)
Most Job Risky PlayerShobu Kirafuda Chris - Skunty - Campbell 23%
Most Pawns Auctioned ForPete Ganderton Simon - Fish - Aubury 61 (39%)
Most Evil PlayerPete Peter - Blonde - Ganderton 43 (18%)
Most Brutal PlayerPete Peter - Blonde - Ganderton 42 (25%)
Most Hate Ridden PlayerShobu Kirafuda Chris - Skunty - Campbell 41%
Statistical Information
This stat table is listed purely by number of actions and does not represent any kind of 'winner'. Doing a lot of actions does not make you a good player.

1Pete (Peter - Blonde - Ganderton )2906825131869141434342
2Simon (Andrew - Byrnie - O'Byrne )2402545771812231562523
3Roland (Matt - Evilmatt - Warriner )218913245836681513
4Jim Keodowo (Gideon - Dwain - Moss )21401409167212155126
5Kevin Stalflare (Lorenzo - Lox - Pirisino )15512427587315582919
6Pete Ganderton (Simon - Fish - Aubury )14906184653616322
7Secret Santa (Matt - Wallace - Wallace )1165151836852452312
8Rainbow Butt Monkey (Darren - Crazy Mofo Goodger )111627155403223176
9Jimmy (Duncan - Jimmy - Edwards )102923161292218117
10Defecator (Travis - T-Boy - Rodgers )1020141467223512115
11Bright Spark (Les Baker )90827169582447112
12Peter F. Ganderton (Chris - Nibbler - Simpson )74811856015481212
13Shobu Kirafuda (Chris - Skunty - Campbell )2922521745987
A for number of actions. MS for mail sent. MC for mail checked. JS for number of jobs set.
JF for number of Jobs Failed. PB is number of pawns bought. GJ for the number of Good Jobs set.
BJ for the number of bad jobs set.XJ for the number of Brutal jobs set (Murder, Disruption or Kill Spouse).
Non-Player Related Stat Information
Busiest Day824 Actions, February 16
Number of days the game ran58
Number of Players15 (2 removed)
Most number of pawns at one time10 Simon (Andrew - Byrnie - O'Byrne)
Most resources on update980 Pete (Pete - Blonde - Ganderton)
Pawns Remaining1
Pawns Killed73
Most Cash at End of Game:Peter F. Ganderton (Chris - Nibbler - Simpson)
Most Money Spent on a Pawn555, William Sealey Gosset, owned by: Cpl Spesh. Pawn Suicided.
Most Convincing Suicide (or Pawn to be disrupted to fuck!)
John Couch Adams
Gideon - Dwain - MossRichSuicidalSuicidalSuicidalSuicidalEndervold NodorisAce Gaia Worlds Elaine BarbosaTechnomage
Most Happy Pawn to be Murdered
James Dean
Gideon - Dwain - Moss RichJoyfulJoyfulBlitheHappyEndervold NodorisAcerine Machines Linda BennettPlanet Ball
Graphical Stats
NB: For some reason (to do with log ins), the Digets failed on a couple of occasions. I have interpolated to fill in the gaps.

(Not through Alliances - only through pawns)