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Chom Isis 1 Results
Welcome to the results of the very first Chom Isis games. These were recovered from with the help of Byrnie. Thanks to Byrn. Chom Isis 1 was a very ropey game with a dodgy Perl and text file engine that crashed every so often. The code was unnecessarily complex and was difficult to manage. It was obvious from the start that Chom Isis 2 would need to be created. Chom Isis 1 was a different game but it still fed upon the one thing that makes people come back to it: being devious, evil and scheming. I hope you respect these players for playing the game they did, it was tougher in the old days.

There were lots of games of Chom Isis 1 and the deviousness didn't always fit. If you know a little bit about Chom 1, then please email me your stories and thoughts and I will add them here. Many thanks.
Game 2000.1
Written in 2001:
Full of debugging, alterations and updates, the 2000 game finally came to a close on 01/01/01. Well, it was a funny old game, full of intrigue and deviousness. Full points to Pete, who schemed and made alliances like Italy. In the end, Pete was the only Player to have any pawns left! This was mostly done by playing off Byrnie and Baron against each other. Fish, without any alliance at all, soon fell by the wayside with no resources and no pawns. If any player wishes to have the final state of their player sent to them, then please let me know and I'll post it on. Thankyou to all those who took part and I look forward to seeing you all in the next game.

A final congratulation to Pete, a thoroughly devious bastard that was a pleasure to watch. Here are the final scores and Pawn states!

Player% ScoreReal Name
Dr. Reginald Dogsbottom62Pete 'FP' Ganderton
Jim Henson24Simon 'Fish' Aubury
Zebedee13James 'Baron' Neesom
Toblerone0Andrew 'Byrnie' O'Byrne

Game 2001.1
Written in 2001:
Started in January 2001 and finished in Febuary, this game was quite a large one, with loads of players and much deviousness. A few played the double game well, but most were too cagey and untrusting to take out the men at the top. The winners were the strongest team.

Well done to Fish. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE was ganged up against Fish, but he managed to win the game with 4 pawns. Incredible. Not only that but for the majority of the game, he was in America!

The message log will be published in due course.

Player% ScorePlayer
Rumpelstiltskin 28Fish
Voice of the Mysterons 19Gareth 'Baldrick' Jones
Rolo 17Gideon 'Dwain' Moss
Mr Crutzfelt 14John Hawkins
Enrico 7Adam 'AJ' Walker
Dr. U. R. Avinalaff 6Andrw 'Byrnie' O'Byrne
Erstwhile Adventures 5James 'Baron' Neesom
Brainbug 0Andy Binks
Mr. Pringles 0Pete 'FP' Ganderton
Game 2001.2
This game had no winners, at the last moment, Tamas Kormos killed of Adam's last pawns. It really pissed him off. For this game we have managed to get hold of the Message Board.

Written in 2001: I am currently putting together stats for the last game. There were no winners, unfortunately. I have not compiled the message list (it was huge, 100K) as most of it makes very little sense. However, what I have done is create a new message thread on the Forum 'Stories from the Chom'. Please feel free to go on there and add little stories. I have also allowed you all access again so you can cut and paste any favourite messages! Chom Isis 2 will have a cool stats thingy.

Position Player Finishing
Person Awards
0 Alvin Gatachalian 583 Adam Walker Most Brutal Player
0 Monsoon 474 Andrew 'Byrnie' O'Byrne Most Conniving Bastard
0 Liquid Cool 254 Tamas Kormos Game Spoilsport
0 Buster Gonad 0 Peter 'NVP' Ganderton Jammiest Player
0 Bob 0 James 'Baron' Neesom Earliest Cop Out
0 Doctor Slinky 0 Name Withheld Least Likely person to win ever.
0 Hairy Bat Monkey 0 Steve 'Judge' Lawrence Best Player Name
0 Malkavian 0 Gideon "Dwain" Moss Funniest Board Comment
0 Zebedee 0 Simon "Fish" Aubury Most picked on player.

This is a surviving post from Dr Slinky (who held a poetry competition):

Posted By:Dr. Slinky on 15 00, 2001 at 12:03:12:
Well, I started a bit late but still thoroughly enjoyed mixing it up. I had a load of resources and pawns and shit and wanted to get rid of them. I sold one of them. I asked the ginger one if I could run a competition to which he replied that I could do anything I liked. Well, this was red rag to a bull god-dammit! I got two poems in the end. One was from Pete's (whoever that is) girlfriend (whoever that is), already posted and the other was from Malkavian who is a aparenly a skunk (Gideon?).

Doctor Slinky has a winky.
Its my poem and you know I'm going.
To get the pawn cos I'm am drawn.
And slightly drunk cos I'm a skunk.

After that, I gave most of me resources to Hairy Bat Monkey, who was at the bottom of the list (except Bob who had given up). The rest went to Buster Gonad (Pete).

I got some cool messages. Here are the best:
Thought I'd give you an update on how your pawns and resources have been spent....
I currently own 5 pawns in total, and I killed Dwains only (well only then, hes just bought a fw more) pawn...
My next mission is to get a co-alition together and get Dwain butchered....
: ) Pete
Sent: 16:05 10.05.01

And this one is fantastically brutal (and aparently typical of Alvin's playing style):
Buster Gonad is Pete. He owns half the remaining pawns and will win unless something is done to stop him. If any of you have remaining resources I urge you to send them to myself or monsoon. If any of you are in a position to commit a murder, tell me or monsoon and we'll provide a list of Petes pawns.
Pete has no sense of fair play and it will be a crime if he's allowed to win. I don't care about winning but I don't want to loose to him. (This bit I liked a lot)
Time is of the essence....
This message has been sent to every player except Buster Gonad (Pete)
No shit, but I think you should have sent it to him too, it would have really put the willies up him!!!!
Well that's it, if you'd like to tell me if my little bit of mixing did any good, I'd be glad to hear it!

Doctor Slinky. Of slinky fame.