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Chom Isis 3 Results Game March 2010
Chom Isis is proud to present that the winner of Chom Isis 3 March 2010 is:

Lorenzo Pirisino

Playing as Lord Vader and finishing with 1 pawn. Congratulations!

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Unimportant Awards

There is only one winner in Chom Isis. These awards are not bragging rights. Claiming any kind of victory based on these awards only means that you've missed the point of the game.
The Nosey Bastard AwardMost Spy JobsCrikey OReilly (80)
The Big Squishy Hug AwardMost Improve Life Inputs JobsWestminster (37)
The I Wish I Was a Gypsy AwardMost Move Pawn JobsA-Man (19)
The Picking On Me AwardMost Destroy Life Input JobsCrikey OReilly (41)
The Psychopath AwardMost MurdersNauseated Weasel (40)
The Please Shut Him Up AwardMost Messages SentLord Vader (385)

Player List

Player nameReal nameTotal resPawns boughtAlliance at end
Mr. Ping the Biscuit KingAndrew O'Byrne685348Distraction Trousers
EternalMelissa Brennan390437Mad Max
WestminsterMark Gray449838Mad Max
GordonGordon McKerrell99493Mad Max
Lord VaderLorenzo Pirisino6082810Left Leg
A-ManAshley Taylor520667This is WAR(D)!
Player NameRobert Houghton80022This is WAR(D)!
The Majestic FizzMatthew Warriner616198Distraction Trousers
Steel CipherCraig Cant151353This is WAR(D)!
Crikey OReillyDave Taylor605689This is WAR(D)!
SahSarah Fenn464403Sesame Squid
RobertIanWLangTravis Rodgers64822Left Leg
The KevolutionKevin Buchanan181842Sesame Squid
Nauseated WeaselFish23028128This is WAR(D)!

The Timeline

The Timeline is an approximation of the progress of the game. On the horizontal axis is the number of pawns, on the vertical axis is the number of resources and the size of the circle is the number of resources a player gets on each update. The slider represents time (it's month/day/year), you can either slide it with the mouse or press the play button in the bottom left. By clicking on a player's name in the list on the right, you can the track for that player. Two players are shown with pawns at the very end because of when the game was finished.


This graph shows the resources in the game at any point. The blue line is the resources held by players and the red line is resources held by alliances.

General Statistics

Total in game100
Still alive1
Update Life Input225
Destroy Life Input119
Move Pawn51


Player nameUpdate Life InputMove PawnSpyDestroy Life InputMurder
Crikey OReilly234804111
Lord Vader50731815
Mr. Ping the Biscuit King3112312
Nauseated Weasel2616481840
Player Name611300
Steel Cipher962313
The Kevolution20113
The Majestic Fizz2910010


Name (Description)Resources at endPlayers
Mad Max
(The Mad Max Alliance Bans Fish!)
Distraction Trousers
(Look! its a Goodyear blimp!)
This is WAR(D)!
(There can be only one! But until then, let\'s be friends yes?)
all your bases are belong to us
(You have no chance to survive make your time.)
Left Leg
(Is that a liquid explosion in your pants or are you just happy to see me?)
Sesame Squid
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